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Asphalt Repairs In Sydney

Need immediate asphalt repairs in Sydney? T&L Excavations & Asphalting offer timely service for all domestic and commercial environments. Our experienced technicians are available all year round to provide effective relief from cracks, splits, corrosion, water damage and potholes. Our services are available across the Sydney Metro and Western Suburbs, including:  

Footpath Reconstruction

Poorly maintained footpaths are susceptible to cracks, splits, uneven surfaces and instability. These symptoms are dangerous to pedestrians and can lead to potential slips or falls. Our non-invasive approach involves resurfacing the entire area and removing any signs of surface damage. To prevent moisture from leaving your surface soft and unstable, we fill each crack with weather-proof sealant. By taking the initiative to implement early treatment, you can preserve the quality of your asphalt and greatly extend its lifespan. This saves you money in the long-term and prevents the risk of large-scale repairs later on – which can cost you a fortune.

 Asphalt Repairs Sydney

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Roadway Repairs And Pothole Patching

Uneven surfaces, cracks and potholes can greatly increase the risk of road accidents and disrupt the flow of traffic. T&L Excavations & Asphalting implements long-lasting solutions to maintain the quality of all commercial roadways.

Our asphalt repairs in Sydney provide instant relief from cracks, splits and uneven surfaces. All cracks are filled with weather-proof sealant, while uneven surfaces are levelled and stabilised for greater load-bearing efficiency.

Potholes are filled with specially mixed asphalt, which is ready-to-use within a few days of application.