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Stunning, New Asphalt Driveways In Sydney

Are you looking for a beautiful, long-lasting and durable surface for your vehicles? Asphalt is the only material proven to be completely weather resistant, colourfast and able to withstand high-loading pressure. Best of all? You can enjoy the benefits of asphalt driveways in Sydney for less than you think.

At T&L Excavations & Asphalting, we specialise in constructing driveways that not only look fantastic, but provide essential support for heavy duty environments. Whether you’re building a new premise, updating your existing one, or planning on selling – our asphalt driveways deliver super performance at an affordable price.

Low Maintenance

When prepared by a professional service, asphalt driveways offer great resistance against moisture and warping caused by extreme temperatures. They require very little maintenance and preserve their shape for many years – so you gain a valuable return on your investment.

A Personalised Look

We understand every property is different. Our team works with you to understand your business and lifestyle needs. Whether your priority is good looks or functionality – we create a personalised solution for your premise.

To match your property’s outdoor environment, we offer a range of bitumen in the colour of your choice. Each bitumen delivers a natural look that complements any residential, commercial or industrial environment.


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Extremely Durable

Our asphalt mixture is created specifically for your property, which ensures the greatest load-capacity based on your level of traffic. By establishing the right mixture, you can enjoy long-lasting performance all year round – regardless of temperature or harsh weather effects.

Each driveway is treated to prevent moisture from penetrating the surface. By using the latest machinery to compact the mixture, your surface will last for longer and maintain the perfect density under any conditions.

Fast Application, Ready To Use In A Few Days

With our team of experienced tradesmen, we work fast and efficiently. All machinery and materials are provided by us – plus, we take care of removing any excess debris for you.

Available For Rural, Domestic And Commercial Projects

T & L Excavations & Asphalting offer expert advice and support in constructing any kind of driveway. We can travel outside of the CBD to prepare rural asphalt driveways throughout the Sydney region. Our crew regularly visits the following suburbs: