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What Can T&L Excavations and Asphalting Do For Penrith Today?

T&L Excavations and Asphalting specialise in a broad range of patching, surfacing and asphalting in Penrith. Our team uses the latest machinery to mix concrete capable of handling specific tension loads and levels of traffic.

Each site is managed by experienced project managers who handle project scheduling and the co-ordination of skilled labour – to deliver projects on-time and within your budget.

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Excavation and Asphalting Services

Our asphalt contractors in Penrith perform asphalting and excavation for projects of any scale or complexity. We hire the necessary equipment for the right job, including skid steer bobcats, tipper trucks, steel drum rollers, road profilers and asphalt pavers.

We provide the following asphalting services in Penrith:

  • Commercial asphalting
  • Residential asphalting
  • Driveways
  • Rural driveways
  • Asphalt footpath reconstruction
  • Pothole repairs and asphalt patching

Why Choose T&L Excavations and Asphalting in Penrith?

✔  Broad range of commercial, residential and industrial asphalting services
✔  Small and large-scale budgeting, scheduling and site management
✔  The right plant equipment hire for any task
✔  Fully compliant with local council and industry regulations
✔  FREE quote with every project

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