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Build A Better Community With An Experienced Asphalting Company in Sydney

What’s something we use every day and often take for granted? Our local roads and footpaths. These infrastructures are vital to keeping our community going. So to continue enjoying our freshly laid pathways and the smoothest roads – you need an experienced asphalting company in Sydney.

T&L Excavations & Asphalting is your local provider of high quality bitumen and pavement. We offer a range of excavation and surfacing services throughout Sydney, including:

Footpath Reconstruction and Restoration
Pothole Patching
Roadway Patching (Light and Heavy Deep Lift)
General Excavation
Subgrade Preparation
Rural Driveways
Commercial Carparks

We understand the unique requirements for carrying out minor tasks and large-scale jobs. Our team are highly experienced in projects of varying complexity and adapting to different scale requirements.

Areas We Serviced

Areas we service include Sydney, Wollongong, Hills District and the Blue Mountains.

Skilled Labour and Machinery

As your local asphalting company in Sydney, we provide you with skilled labour and machinery to complete any asphalting task. Our plant equipment hire includes:

Skid Steer Bobcats
Road Broom with Profiler Attachments
Tipper Trucks
Steel Drum Rollers & Multi Tyred Rollers
Road Profilers
Asphalt Flowcon Trucks

Emulsion Spray Trucks
Asphalt Tools
Excavators, Hammers and Auger Attachments
Asphalt Pavers

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