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Asphalting Services Castle Hill

Asphalting in Castle Hill, A Smoother Finish Every Time

Walk safely across your pathways. Drive on crack, split and pothole-free roadways with ease. T&L Excavations & Asphalting transform your old terrain into smooth, stunning looking surfaces. Our resurfacing and asphalting keeps the Castle Hill community safe all year round.

Our team have years of experience performing excavation and asphalting services. We deliver exceptional results for every client we work with. Whether you’re a business owner, homeowner or local council member – we cater towards projects of any scale or complexity.

We provide the following asphalting services in Castle Hill:

Footpath Reconstruction and Restoration
Roads and Freeways
Pothole Patching
Roadway Patching (Light and Heavy Deep Lift)
Shopping Centres
Bike Paths

Asphalt and Pavement Management

If you’re looking for a major overhaul of your pathway, driveway or carpark – we provide tailor made asphalt for any environment. Our team of specialists create smooth and versatile asphalt surfaces for any situation.

When it comes to managing pavement, regular maintenance is the most effective way to keep surfaces smooth and free from cracks, splits, holes and unevenness.

We can establish a hassle-free pavement management plan to keep up the appearance of your surfaces. This approach will save you spending thousands on major overhauls and provide a safe path for your local residents, customers and clients.


Skilled Labour and Equipment

Our team of labourers are highly skilled in their chosen fields. We provide you with the necessary labour and machinery to perform any resurfacing and asphalting tasks. Our plant equipment hire includes:

Skid Steer Bobcats
Road Broom with Profiler Attachments
Tipper Trucks
Steel Drum Rollers & Multi Tyred Rollers
Road Profilers
Asphalt Flowcon Trucks

Emulsion Spray Trucks
Asphalt Tools
Excavators, Hammers and Auger Attachments
Asphalt Pavers