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Residential Asphalting Services Sydney

Residential asphalting is an important part of any suburb. Whether it’s your street, footpath or your own driveway – having a safe pathway is vital to enjoying your local environment.

T&L Excavation & Asphalting specialise in all kinds of residential projects. We offer you experienced tradesmen, materials and equipment – backed by quality control certification from leading industry regulator

Pathways, Roadways And Public Facilities

Our team have years of experience in working with local council members, homeowners and property developers.

We provide all the essential resources to complete any major or minor construction work. Whether you need a brand new foundation, reconstruction or restoration work – the T&L crew are ready to fulfil any job requirements.

We offer the following services for your local area:

  Footpath and roadway restoration/reconstruction
  Asphalt tennis courts and basketball courts
 Pothole patching
  Residential car parks

Residential Asphalting Services

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Residential Driveways

A driveway is your own private entrance to your home. It keeps your car off the street and safe from potential damage or theft.

Your residential asphalting is not only functional… it can also be a visual statement for your surrounding area. With a unique look, you can enhance your home’s personality and increase its value too.

We offer a range of bitumen types in various colours to complement your home. Choose your favourite style to match your outdoor environment!

Your driveway won’t just look fantastic – it’ll have a smooth finish and strong foundation that will last for many years. We use the latest machinery to compact the asphalt mixture, which ensures it’ll maintain its shape under heavy loading pressure and exposure to extreme heat.

Best of all? Our residential asphalting services provide essential protection against moisture penetration, which prevents the formation of potholes, cracks and splitting.

Our Commitment To Safety And Quality Control

Safety is our No.1 priority when working on any project. Our senior management implement strict OH&S measures on every site, which is regularly audited by third party inspectors. All team members are trained regularly and kept informed on the latest industry regulations and WH&S standards.

T&L Excavation is certified with compliance to ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality Management System and AS4801:2001 WH&S Management System.

Our crew and products are covered by public liability insurance up to $20,000,000.

Areas We Service

Our services operate throughout the Sydney CBD and the following suburbs:

  Castle Hill

 North Sydney
  Sutherland Shire



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T&L Excavation & Asphalting are committed to making your local area safer. With our experience in residential construction and quality control assurance, we guarantee long-lasting quality for all residential paths and roadways.

Request a consultation with our senior staff today by calling 0401 510 410 or 0418 278 526. We’ll happily discuss your residential asphalting needs and arrange an on-site inspection for you.