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Asphalt Patching In Sydney

The Fastest Solution To Safer Roads & Pathways

At T&L Excavations & Asphalting, safety is our No.1 priority in your local area. Potholes are a major problem for our roadways. They can cause serious damage to your vehicle and lead to major accidents; resulting in possible loss of life and costly liability claims. The solution? Asphalt patching in Sydney… it’s the easiest way to make local roads and pathways safe again.

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Fixing potholes is a major part of our asphalt patching in Sydney. They’re typically formed due to moisture, which penetrates beneath the surface and dampens the foundation. Other common causes include general wear and tear, excessive heat and poor drainage in the local area.

Our crew use the latest machinery and techniques to quickly amend damaged surfaces. Potholes of are filled with carefully formulated mixtures, which are compacted to size and treated for greater protection against harsh weather.

We can fix almost any pothole or surface ailment, no matter how small or large. And our process is not only fast, but also offers long-lasting protection against further degradation.

Asphalt Patching Sydney

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