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Asphalt Footpaths In Sydney

Are Decaying Asphalt Footpaths In Sydney Becoming A Liability To You?

T&L Excavations & Asphalting are your local provider of freshly laid asphalt footpaths throughout the Sydney region.

Does your footpath suffer from cracks, splits, warping or uneven levelling? These are all signs of damaged asphalt. While typically caused by ageing and general usage, other causes like moisture penetration can accelerate the destabilising process.

The presence of water softens the asphalt’s foundation, which results in unevenness, cracking and tearing. If left unaddressed, can put the general public at risk and result in costly major overhauls.

So… what’s the solution?

How We Make Footpaths Safer

Our experienced team specialise in restoration work for all footpaths, including major or minor excavation, patching, reconstruction and restoration.

We use the latest equipment and machinery to achieve precision-perfect levelling and smoothness for any surface. Our network of highly professional tradesmen understand the complexity involved in for all construction processes.

We work closely with the local council, property managers and business owners to achieve long-term results. Our commitment to quality is backed by years of experience and a clear understanding of different environmental factors.

Asphalt Footpaths Sydney

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Locations We Service

T&L Excavations & Asphalting services the Sydney Metro area and Western Sydney, including the following suburbs: