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Asphalting Services Blacktown

Your No.1 Choice For Commercial and Residential Asphalting in Blacktown

T&L Excavations and Asphalting are a proudly Australian-owned business, who specialise in constructing and restoring asphalt surfaces. Our labourers are highly skilled in mixing and surfacing materials to meet a range of specific conditions. If you’re looking for the most versatile and cost-effective asphalting in Blacktown – then look no further.


Our Services

We offer flexible work arrangements for projects of any scale or complexity. The following services we provide, include:


  • Commercial and Residential Roadways, Highways and Freeways
  • Parking Areas
  • Residential and Rural Driveways
  • Airport Runways
  • Taxiways
  • Delivery Bays
  • Industrial Work Sites
  • Playgrounds, Tennis Courts, Bike Paths and Running Tracks 

Save Time With Our Comprehensive Planning and Scheduling

We work with homeowners, property managers and local council members to understand their job requirements. Our senior managers establish a work schedule that covers manual labour tasks, resourcing materials, equipment hire, and safety checks.

All asphalting services in Blacktown are performed within your budget and an agreeable deadline.


Our Commitment to Quality

T&L Excavations and Asphalting are certified by ICG Services for our commitment to quality management and WH&S practices.


ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality Management System

AS4801:2001 OHS Management System


These standards are recognised worldwide and adopted by millions of multi-national companies and smaller enterprises.

Their policies cover a broad range of procedures, including risk management, customer satisfaction, leadership, assessing and reviewing WH&S policies, reducing workplace illness and injuries. We adhere to all policies and every worksite is monitored by reputable third-party inspectors.

Why Choose T&L Excavations and Asphalting?

✔ We provide you with a versatile range of residential and commercial asphalting in Blacktown.

✔ We strictly follow all Work, Health & Safety policies, Environmental policies and Quality procedures.

✔ We offer 24 hour maintenance and breakdown service across Blacktown

✔ We provide long-lasting and cost-effective results for all construction and restoration jobs

✔ We’re committed to the satisfaction of our customers, clients – and the wellbeing and safety of the general public.


Contact Us

Fill out our online enquiry form with details about your project and our friendly staff will respond as soon as possible.

Call any of the following contact numbers to get in touch with our team leaders:


0401 510 410 - Luke Dimech (Operations Manager)
0418 278 526 - Tom Dimech (Director)
0478 925 410 - Jane Vella (Office Manager)